About Us

      Despite changing conditions and requirements of the market, we have stayed faithful to our philosophy of 23 years. Each client is unique, has individual needs and tastes, and each interior is different. Given that approach each project should be exceptional and original. Furniture should be functional while creating a harmonious blend with the surrounding architecture. Furniture must not simply be an object to fill spaces and empty walls. Our approach is especially important in today`s world where most vendors tend to offer standard, monotonous options.  Modern individuals want to surround themselves with functional objects that meet their unique needs and tastes. Everyone wants to create an oasis of privacy and feel at home after work. We attempt to fulfill those desires through our individual approach and highly customized manufacturing, or rather artistic design, of furniture and elements of interior design.

      Materials used for creation of our furniture include a vast variety of wood, both exotic and European. We use natural veneer and synthetic wood: melamine faced boards in various colors and deep pore boards by Italian company FORNER and German JAF. Combinations of those various materials results in infinite numbers of options and guarantees the desired final effect. In our designs we often use different materials such as glass, aluminum (part of decoration or simply as structural elements), and both stainless and carbon steel. We are able to construct, small, complicated interior drywall features. We also consider lighting and are open to new ideas and innovations to ensure the lighting suits and highlights the quality of the final product. However, despite being open to various ideas, quality is never compromised. We use the cabinet hardware from the best companies in the business: Blum, Hettich and PeKa. We don?t play games, we use only brands that guarantee reliability and satisfaction for years to come. A variety of materials, combined with hardware of exceptional quality guarantees that we can meet the standards defined in the three pillars of our philosophy: form, functionality and uniqueness. We do our absolute best so that each user of our furniture, regardless of their individual taste and style, can always feel at home.


      The originality, richness, and diversity of the furniture we have created is also in part due to our open-mindedness towards others creativity. Besides completing our own projects we also cooperate with prestigious architectural firms and furnish interiors based on specifics provided by the client. Challenging projects are our specialty. We take on the tasks that other companies deem impossible to complete.  We strive to keep the term “impossible” out of our vocabulary.

      Quite often, the furniture and interior elements we design require preparation of the interior. There may be a need for specific electrical wiring or plumbing even at the phase of building or remodeling the interior. Additionally, we ask you to contact us well in advance to assure that together we can create a unique interior relatively quickly. Also, with enough lead time we will be able to ensure the site has been correctly prepared, which will allow you to avoid any unnecessary costs.

      We have completed projects mainly in Poznan (Poland) and Berlin (Germany) and their surrounding areas. However, since we live in a united Europe, we are open for offers from the whole continent. In the age of the internet, e-mail, fast roads and lack of customs barriers, distances are no longer an obstacle.

A little bit of history

       BIS company was established in 1990. Those were crucial times, not only for Poland, but for all of Europe. The emergence of the new economic system released peoples? creative energy. Many new businesses such as stores, hotels, pubs, restaurants or banks were established. All those buildings needed to be furnished, quite often with highly specialized furniture. Additionally thanks to the fall of the Iron Curtain, apartment and home owners became aware of how ugly, impractical and monotonous the interiors they lived in really were. Those were the days where furnishing manufacturers had very little, almost nothing to offer. One, maybe two big companies were not able to meet the continuously growing demand for furniture. Demand was too high, even for basic and monotonous furnishings, and there were no retailers able to satisfy the new influx of demand for more unique and specialized furniture.

       It was then that three, young wood technology engineers decided to meet this new demand and start a company that would manufacture unique, highly customized, interior furnishings. The first 10 years mainly consisted of exporting to then-recently unified Germany, especially Berlin. Restaurants, pubs, bistros, hotels ? the number of placed orders in the German market completely filled production capacity. We cooperated with various companies such as Lichtenberg und Fischer GmbH and later LINEU GmbH. During those times we became the main supplier of furniture and interior furnishings for pubs and restaurants owned by Berlin`s breweries; Engelhardt AG and Schultheiss AG. After increasing our production capacity, we started to furnish more and more sites, both in Poland and abroad. Our projects at the time included customized closets, 100m2 lofts in houses and mansions, boarding houses, hotels, restaurants and pubs.


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